Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flashlight Moments

Have you ever experienced one of these?

It happens when the universe is trying to catch your attention. The world around you dims and a beam of light, a flash light if you will, radiates toward a single object. Look here. See this. In my life I think it’s happened about twice. There have been several “ah-ha!” moments and points of clarity, but flashlight moments are different. They come when you aren’t seeking. They come unexpectedly and obtrusively. 


She walked into the low-lit bar, and there he was. A leap away on the other side of the room, across tables and chairs and swaying bodies, her eyes land softly and directly upon him. Tunnel vision. Her instinct was to look away but were caught in the movement of his red plaid pants dancing to the juke box that played “Sweet Caroline,” on repeat all night long. His hair was happily disheveled and she could see his flushed cheeks despite the distance. Her gaze was with him all night. Even when she was looking away, she could still see him in jolly conversation just beyond reach. How she ended up with him in the backseat of his brother’s car is anyone’s guess, but she didn’t even stop to question it. The night ended in a blurry haze as everyone piled out of the car and she traipsed off arm and arm with Sarah, up the steps to their house. His memory soon faded into the haze of the night and come morning he was nothing more than a passing vision.

And then he called. It was the day after her birthday and he’d managed to find her number through a mutual friend. God he sounded… giddy? Her heart lost rhythm and she tumbled backwards unto her bed, rejuvenated. Life filled in the lines of the vision with gravity and color. The dream took form once more, and she smiled at the bounce in her step as she carried out the rest of the week with an extra pinch of zest.

Dream Series by Gray Malin