Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Illusion Maker

My friends will all be jealous
That they should long to be
A world weary traveler
As glorified as me

On Instagram on Facebook
On Twitter and on Vine
I post the sickest broadcast
That you’d be blessed enough to find

The snapshot caught looks sunny and I dance despite the rain 
The road is forever rosey and the troubles well worth the pain

Yet.. just beyond the filter
Beyond the smile that I wear
I cannot help but wonder,
What the fuck I’m doing here?

What resides beyond the camera lens? 
Behind the local smile? 
I’ll never know the grandest gift, 
I’ll never go that extra mile...


I’ll stroll about the market place
Pinch pennies as I sleep
I’ll hang with fellow wanderers
Seek novelty that’s cheap

Cross 18 borders—in a day!
Collect stamps that I’ll compare
Then return back home to you my dear 
With a wild tale to share