Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Aperture

She was unconscious. 
Darkness swarmed 
Behind her eyes 
and she heard murmuring
and she spoke
Irises expand, swivel, swirl

Drops of light land softly among the blue

“Now I see, dear mother.”
Words rambled on, telling everything she knew
Great heaps of information


The aperture opened once more.
Drops of light landed gently among the blue.

“Oh mother! Now! Now I can see.”
And her words swelled, a revelation
Light speed recounting
Facts, fancies
Questions, answers
Assured was she


The irises opened yet again
Drops of light landed tenderly among the blue.

The girl stopped talking

Tired lips rest.

Dear mother took her child’s hand
She combed her child’s hair

“Oh. Now I see.”


I once had the experience of being unconscious. Or rather, I had the experience of coming back into consciousness. I think about it all the time actually, as a great metaphor for life. Every cycle of life is a new revelation, what we thought we knew before becomes clear in a way we could not have predicted. Like putting on glasses to see how crisp the scenery becomes. 
Right now I ride a glorious wave that is sure to break. One day I will see things that aren't clear to me yet. Can't be clear to me yet, because the next wave hasn't arrived. And that's OK. 
I think we champion our life to the best of our ability. With what we have and what we know.