Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank You 2014

The last day of 2014. 

I’m pausing to reflect upon all the moments that I’m grateful for. Whether they brought me joy, pain, pleasure, or embarrassment, they were all splendidly essential.

Here are just a short few:

1. Moving in with a precious friend and a just a block away from two of the greatest girls in Austin

2. Completing a year teaching a boisterous, darling group of kids

3. Standing at a show with my around a warm body as Valerie June’s sorrowful voice washes over me

4. Feeling breathless beneath the Serengeti stars

5. Singing, clapping, and swiveling my hips inside a Njoro village church

6. The ripple of connection between two human’s hands that makes me forget about age, race, time, or space

7. Showering after 6 days in the dirt

8. Running through the bush behind smelly Hadzabi hunters

9. Riding in the front seat across miles and miles of dry, open land

10. Receiving a drawing of a “strong heart”

11. Slurping ice cold oysters at the Walrus and the Carpenter and laughing with one of the sweetest women I’ll ever know

12. Dancing across the Highball stage until my feet and neck ache with pain

And I am FOREVER grateful for: 

The sweetness of melancholic moments
The electricity of a heart bursting with joy
Yoga in my underwear
The music of a song that plucks my heart strings
A houseful of freshly cut flowers
Silence. Coming home to a quiet house
Gravity. The force that makes me feel my own weight
Learning to trust my intuition 
Fresh morning light as it pours through the window 
Friends that teach me to be generous


What are some of YOUR moments?