Friday, November 8, 2013


She peers up at me through big, glossy eyes and begins to tell me a story about her dog. I gaze back at her sweet small face and amused smile with frustration. She is totally stalling. She knows she should have already completed this math problem 5 minutes ago. 
She is my 3rd Grade student and I am lapsing into impatience.....

Sometimes when I get too close to things I fall into the hole of lost perspective. 

But fortuitously, I do always find my way back out.

There tend to be spaces or places in our lives where we withhold the love. This is a call for introspection and inquiry. Where are you withholding the love? Your feelings offer you clues. Know those areas of your life that inspire feelings of frustration, discontent, or perhaps anger? Look closely there. Could you be withholding the love? Could you open more of your heart and offer the person (perhaps yourself) or situation more of your infinite supply?

The effort of inquiry is most certainly worth the rich rewards.