Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just Act Natural

Do you ever find yourself going through the motions of what you should be doing? After work each day, I should go workout and for this, I normally go running. Now I should eat dinner, and for this I normally heat up some rice and veggies. Now I should call so-n-so or do such-n-such. It's a routine. A routine that might be widely accepted by conventional wisdom as an acceptable way to act, but not necessarily a routine that is natural for you. At least not everyday, or all the time.
What is natural for you? Are you called to go on a walk instead of a run? Are you beckoned to sleep with the windows open wrapped snuggly in a wooly blanket? Natural does not mean what's usual. It does not mean normal. It means living by the call of that inner voice that beseeches you to move, explore, and make merry as you skip along the path of life. To find an organic expression of the life that is so naturally and uniquely yours. Today, just act natural.