Monday, December 10, 2012

5 Reasons Why My New Hood Was Voted the Best in Austin

1. The Porches

Almost every house has a porch! Big ones, small ones, ones that wrap around the house, some with fans, some with furniture, and some with those picturesque wooden bench swings that make you think of a modest time when boys and girls spent warm evenings with rapid beating hearts, hoping to steal a kiss. Porches are not a lost art in this neighborhood - the residents here actually use them! You may find an old man on his porch drinking coffee as he peruses the morning paper in a comfy chair, or perhaps you'll pass by a porch in which three little kids have strewn their toys about to create their imaginary world. Any way you slice it, the porch is a must here in Hyde Park and most certainly (in my opinion) adds to its appeal.

2. The Shady Streets and Tunnel Sidewalks

This hood was made for walking. Given that Hyde Park is so flat, taking a stroll around the block is a piece of cake. The added benefit of having a lot of trees to keep the sweltering sun at bay doesn't hurt either. Not to mention the plethora of leaves hanging over head add a musical effect to one's walk about as the Autumn breeze blows through. Ahh.

3. The Colors, Blue Trucks, and Oddities

Just in case you were afraid this neighborhood would be dull, the houses decided they'd do their best to keep your attention with a variety of colors to ponder.

4. The Murals

Why not?

5. The Charming (and often delicious) Places to Pop Into or Out of

From Coffee and ice cream, to speciality cheeses and Italian food, let's just say that yum is now convenient. I'm of course partial to the health o'phobe offerings at Daily Juice. Although maybe the best thing about all the little places around is that they draw a lot of neat people and provide a nice little space to sit, relax, or discuss.