Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's Your Fortune?

Last weekend I was at an event in which a psychic gave me a reading. It was advertised as fortune telling. He told me many, many, many things just by looking at the backs of my hands, my palms, and flipping though a deck of cards that I shuffled. Here are three things that I'd like to document here because I'll be able to verify if that came to pass or not later.

1. He saw Africa, and specifically some sort of African animal. I'm going.

2. Although my love life will be pretty dry for awhile, I will fall in love with a man in this mid-thirties this time next year.

3. Next Fall also means a job change and more money for me (cha-ching!)

What do you think about having your fortune told? I, for one, am of the mind set that if it comes true, maybe it's because it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. A seed was planted and your conciousness decided it must be true, so you brought it into being. As far as horoscopes go, personally, I NEVER want to hear it, unless of course it is to tell me that I have a wonderful day ahead of me. Otherwise, you can save your pessimistic premonitions for someone else. Do you see value in having your fortune told?