Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Having been in Costa Rica just a week, my first impression was one that threw me back to Thailand, when I first landed in the tropical island of Phuket. Now, truly there are too many differences to compare the two, but the tropical climate and concrete homes with steel bars guarding each property, are common threads that  are commonly found in developing countries.


Everyone has heard the phrase as it pertains to Costa Rica, but I was blown away by how frequently it is used. How are you? --Pura Vida! The food is good. --Pura Vida! Nice coconuts -- Pura Vida! When can't you use it?

I am off this week, and traveling with one of the other Rustic guides Elyse to Panama. Check back soon for updates about that! In there mean time here are some photos and a quick video.

Volcan Arenal

Two other super cool guides and I

Playa Castillo, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

San Jose


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