Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something Good's Coming

Have you ever felt on the verge of something? Something really big and wonderful, you just didn't know what it was yet? I'm sure we all have at one point or another. Think back to when you graduated from High School, from College, when you moved to a new place, or how about every year in the month of May? May seems to have a very particular energy that really inspires people to come together, wrap up a project, start something new, or just get busy partying.
However there have been times in my life when I feel a knot of excitement growing inside of me with no apparent cause. It's a great feeling, but thinking back, I'm not entirely sure if something wonderful actually manifested. Or perhaps I wasn't paying attention....

Well lately I have been experiencing that feeling of excitement once again. This time I attribute the feeling to the month of May, the approach of my departure for a summer spent in Costa Rica, and also (of course) the spinning of several new project ideas as they tumble and begin to form in my head.
Tom Petty also knew the feeling and penned it into a haunting yet hopeful song.

I'm watching the waterWatching the coastSuddenly I knowWhat I want the most
And I want to tell youStill I hold backI need some timeGet my life on track
I know that look on your faceBut there's somethin' lucky about this placeAnd there's somethin' good comin'For you and meSomethin' good comin'There has to be
And I'm thinking 'bout mamaAnd about the kidsAnd the way we livedAnd the things we did
How she never had a chanceNever caught a breakAnd how we pay for our big mistakes
I know so well the look on your faceAnd there's somethin' lucky about this placeThere's somethin' good comin'Just over the hillSomethin' good comin'I know it will
And I'm in for the long runWherever it goesRidin' the riverWherever it goes
And I'm an honest manWork's all I knowYou take that awayDon't know where to go
And I know that look that's on your faceThere's somethin' lucky about this placeThere's somethin' good comin'For you and meSomethin' good comin'There has to be
-Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers