Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yoga Niche

I wanted to share this funny video. Being a yoga girl myself, I found it really funny, especially how it hits on all the branding that comes with the yoga world. 
It seems to me we do this so often in life. We find something that we like, and then we start buying all the stuff that is marketed toward that activity. Then all the people around us (at said activity) are wearing the same things, drinking or using the same things. And then we take it one step further and compare how "into" it someone might be depending upon what level of gear they use. Yes everyone needs golf clubs to golf - but you are respected if you use a Mizuno MP-63 Iron. Almost as though we transmit our passion into the objects. Couldn't our love of the practice be expressed without the branding?
But perhaps I am being overly critical. Enjoy the video!