Monday, June 10, 2013

Things I'd forgotten......

Last night was my first night back in Thailand in 5 years. I've already have my favorite meal (Green Papaya Salad and whole roasted fish that has been salted and stuffed with lemongrass- plus all the thai herbs and condiments), driven through a foot of water on a tuk-tuk, and been blessed by a monk.

It's strange how quickly I forgot so many things about Thailand:

1. The smells - the wonderful flowers and fragrant jasmine, the insence, the rotting sewery smells, the stinky food smells (i.e. durian, and those green beans in a pod).

2. How the heavens open up and the streets fill with water in less than a minute.

3. How it's rude to point at people.

4. How Thai people always try to please. They say "yes" even when they are really saying "no".

5. How much I love to ride in a tuk-tuk! The peace of being lulled asleep by the warm wind and rumble of the motor below, only to be jerked awake by a huge pothole or the driver's obvious lack of concern for driving rules.

It's good to be back.