Thursday, May 9, 2013

Love's Return

Recently, I developed a bit of a crush.

This doesn't happen very often, so it was to my surprise that the feeling seemed to settle a bit more thoroughly than usual. I pondered the situation right before I closed my eyes one night with a twinge of anxiety in my thoughts. This person may not like me back, I mused.

During the night, however, I awoke quite suddenly and sat up like a cartoon with a light bulb drawn above his head.

The revelation was this: It doesn't matter if this person returns my affections.
Nor does it actually matter who I choose to love. Because as I slept, I was reminded of something:

I am love. 

We are all of the same essence. The joy is in our capacity to love. Our ability to give it, receive it, feel it, or to share it, is infinite.

Giving of love without hopes of it's return is not a futile effort. Your love cannot be diminished, but rather, it's existence in your life -and as you- is amplified when expressed without repression. 

It is starting to become somewhat of a mantra for me, and this time my inner knowing actually had to awaken me in the middle of the night to make itself heard: Share your love with a full, unveiled heart, and when in doubt, just give love.

(above photo: Long exposure Fireflies from The Design Ark)