Monday, May 27, 2013

Life on a Plate

Here your life rests on the plate of the moment. And on your plate sits many different experiences and elements, some pleasurable, while others unpleasant. Let's zoom in and have a look at a few of the components you may find:

Whatever it may be that sits upon your plate of the moment, considering all of the variety - however strange or disconcerting some of the elements may be - not one of them is out of place. Not one part doesn't belong.

You may walk around the edges of the plate or from side to side, and maybe even feel the tilt of the plate, the imbalance. It feels wrong, so you say - something here is not right, something doesn't belong.

Yet, at the very center, the very core, lies your Well of Truth. The unchanging, unwavering, eternal Truth, and it holds the balance for the entire mandala of your experience.

Do you trust that?

By pushing against an uncomfortable or unhappy element on your plate or by saying "no" and running away, you cause it to persist as that unhappy aspect. But what if you accepted it? What if you allowed that tremendously arduous aspect to exist, to flourish, or even gave thanks for it? Draw near to it, kiss it! Because just beneath the surface of what seems like a huge "NO" in your life, is actually an opportunity hidden, waiting patiently for your heartfelt "yes".