Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Role Do You Play?

Look to see what you are doing today. Is this how you wish to define yourself?
What are you thinking? Is this what you wish to create?
Every act is an act of self definition. Every thought carries the energy of creation. 

Each of us has a definition of ourself that is self-prescribed, has developed over years and years of living, and is based off of the feedback we have received from the people around us.
This is completely natural. We choose roles to play because it creates an identity that allows us to find a place where we fit. It allows others to more easily understand where we are coming from and more readily accept us.

What role do you play? Does your role still resonate? Or have you become stuck in the confines of the idea of who you are?
For a while now in my college and post-college life I played the role of "floater," the girl that is still trying to figure it out and find her place in the world. I chose to travel, to be uprooted, and I actively rejected the traditional. I spoke and acted in a way that supported this role of "floater," never committing to any person or to any position. But fundamentally this is not who I am.

I have an awareness of who I am and it is so much greater than any role I could imagine.

You are so much greater than any role you have developed for yourself. You are infinite.
Look at the role you have chosen. Does it still serve? If not - recreate it! and then use it to your benefit. But never forget, you are NOT your role. Even the most powerful role in the world has limitations, and you my dear, are limitless. Spread your wings and be free.