Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thai Journal Outakes

Having just read through a few pages of the journal I kept while living in Thailand. I just want to share a few of the things I took note of that make me laugh and wonder.... Who was this girl?

Jan 1, 2009,

"Wow, 2009! Well the ringing in of this year did not end up so great for me. We went to the big party in Haad Rin and it was basically bar after bar lining the beach with loads of drunk Farang (foreigners) dancing to the blasting techno. It was pretty ridiculous. At the end of the beach were all these stall-type bars selling buckets (actual plastic buckets filled with the cheapest knockoff alcohol, complete with several straws so your friends can get sick too) with names like "fucking ass bar" or "drink fucking good" or just any ridiculous name that had the work 'fuck' in it. 
The best part of my night was hopping the gigantic fire jump rope, and the worst part of my night.... was that I was poisoned."


"....A couple of days ago I was just finishing my run and it had gotten a little dark when one of the men from the Thai Men's Running Club trots up beside me and keeps pace with me. I sped up a little in an attempt to finish strong and he sped up too. I sped up a little more - so did he. I felt like we were racing! Then I went even faster, and he finally dropped off." 


"I was driving my motor bike to the park yesterday and I noticed a little water up ahead (it had been raining non-stop for 3 weeks). OK that's fine I thought. but then it started to get deeper. I still continued forward because another motorbiker was doing it, and so I thought I could too. Well, it was no good and I knew I should turn back, but I kept thinking it had to get shallower soon, right? So I continued on, whispering to myself 'shit, shit, shit' and saying 'oh-no, this is bad.' 
Well the other motorbike eventually stopped and about 5 feet later, mine did too."


"....So I noticed that sometimes my wardrobe would get this white 'dust' on it that appeared in these weird circular patterns. I thought maybe there was some strange Thai wasp that was putting the dust like that, I had no idea. Well, I can be pretty moronic huh? It turns out that the white dust is actually green mold. All over my dresser, inside where all my clothes are. On shoes, on a hat, on necklaces - all over a lot of stuff."