Friday, December 30, 2011

Releasing and Allowing

Sometimes I become so caught up with trying to make what I want to happen, happen.
Whether I am making plans for the future, checking off my to-do list, or (what has been the case lately) trying to schedule my two jobs so that they don't conflict. I feel tight and intense, like I am wrestling with air.

Tonight I took a Yin yoga class. Yin is all about releasing the effort of the muscles and allowing the connective tissues to find some opening. If your muscles are engaged, you are unable to find that deep release in those tight areas of the body that so desperately need it.
This class related perfectly to my life at this point. I have been so concerned with gathering things - collecting jobs, ideas, friends, hobbies, tiny scraps of meaning - and stuffing them all into my now bulging bucket.

Sometimes when we become so involved in the doing, we end up getting in our own way and we forget to give our creative energy some space to take root.
When I think about releasing my grip and releasing my "sailboat of plans", only then do the sails become filled with the wind that will carry it forth to fruition.

I also find an ease in the release. And a trust in the assurance that letting go of what I want to happen does not mean it is lost, it means I am allowing it to find its course.

Here is a little song for you with an appropriate title: