Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love of Life

(El Capitan, Yosemite)

So can we talk about unconditional love for a moment?

I'm sure we can pretty much agree it is a great concept. The best ever, you might say. Don't we all want to be loved unconditionally, regardless of mistakes or grumpy moods?

I always think of unconditional love as it pertains to other individuals, but what about unconditional love of life? We do not always love our lives every single moment of every single day. But that's natural isn't' it? Sometimes we are just having a bad day or maybe a bad week, month - or couple of years! Maybe it rains when we were really looking forward to going hiking, or maybe we broke an arm and can no longer practice our favorite sport. That is certainly upsetting!

However, adopting an unconditional love of life means that we embrace life exactly as it shows up. This is life.... this is me walking through life..... and it's perfect just as it is.

The practice with this one is that it requires us to step outside of ourselves and observe life more objectively. Instead of being owned by thoughts like, "why is this happening to me?!" or "this sucks" take a stance from the outside and view the moment for what it is - merely a tiny thread in the fabric of life. The design is perfect, and this little thread contributes to the perfection of the whole.

Life brings experiences and opportunities, and every single second we are born again as a new person through our decisions and who we choose to be.

Observe this moment as perfect - offer life your unconditional love.