Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm blogging?!

I was initially quite resistant to the idea of writing a blog. I mean, isn't the whole idea a bit self-important?

Well whether you believe it is or isn't, I have decided to look at it from a different perspective. This blog serves as a connecting device. Since I am unfortunately not trained in the art of teleportation (which would definitely be my super-power of choice), I am using this blog to help close the distance between me and those beloved people that I do not have the pleasure of speaking to frequently - due of course to the fact that I am currently living roughly 5,000 miles from my home state of Texas.

Yes, 5,000 straight South (well, and a bit East too) to a beautiful city in Argentina named Cordoba. This will be my home for the next few months at least, and it serves as a wonderful stop on my life's journey.

Well just what am I doing here? I face that question almost every day actually. People here are quite curious to know, that if I am not studying, and not simply making a stop on my 3 month backpacking tour of South America, then what? I have been able to come up with two answers. One, is that I am working for an organization here called Peace Child to prepare and present a program on 'sustainable living' in the high schools located in and around Cordoba. Two, when asked why here and especially for a position that pays next to nothing, my response is simply that I listened to that little compass inside of me, and well.. it pointed me this way! It is a persistent little thing that does does not always exhibit rhyme or reason to the casual listener, but I choose not to ignore it.

And so here I am, meandering my way through the ever-changing streets of Cordoba and canals of my mind, taking things one step at a time.